Destructive Passion

In a bind,

I can’t feel my face,

My breath is uncomfortably sparse,

A roaring inferno of emotion swells up so large,

encompassing all that I am.

Breath becomes fire,

Burning those around me.

This is not me,

But, it is.

Set me free,


The agony of loving is unbearable,

The fire eats away at all that means anything to me.


In time, it subsides

and leaves behind an air of





It is night,

The moonlight sings and falls softly on the floor beside me,

I am alone,

I can feel the dried tears on my face,


I love you, I call out.

Silence, returns my apology.

Spent, I collapse on the ground.

It feels good,

so cold.

I let oblivion take me.

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