There is love

Harvey Cedar, NJ

Did you know that the sea speaks to me?

The sweet ebb and flow of the water, 

Lulls me into a deep trance. 

It tells me to continue,

To embrace the suffering, 

And remember the sweetness.

It tells me to sleep,

On those starless nights,

To appreciate the love,

When the stars bloom.

It teaches me to listen,

To the sounds of the waves,

Bouncing into the sky.

As i sink my toes into the sand,

And reach out with my eyes, 

To the horizon,

I see aplenty. 

The world at its most peaceful,

My heart aches,

For the beauty, 

That is here for a single moment, 

Expressed through the sky,

In colors and tones,

Of lightness. 

Manifesting the true meaning of life, 

What is it you ask,

I do not know.


There is love. 

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